Corporate Solutions

Companies who manage their image well see the following benefits and those that cannot manage their image well may lose out on all these

  • Premium Positioning
  • Premium Pricing
  • Larger Market Share
  • Favourable Media Coverage
  • Higher Returns For Investors
  • Attracting Best Talent & Retention
  • Lower Attrition Costs
  • Preferred Buyer-Vendor Equation

Consulting provides corporate solutions in Image Management in the following formats :

Executive Program

In this program emerging leaders, newly promoted employees will learn critical skills like Making Right Impression, Positive Leadership, Better the Image – Better the Team – Team Building, Impact of verbal and non-verbal communication, Stress Management, Conflict Management. The program will help instill confidence and ensure professional success.


Group workshops

We also conduct customized workshops in multiple topics like Better Presentation Skills, Appropriate Body language, Power of personal appearance, Etiquettes, Grooming to name a few.


Corporate Retainer

Also work on retainer basis where over a duration of the course we take your employees through various aspect of creating a right image as per organization’s requirement